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Gyrotank - writer, translator and beginner artist from Ukraine. Joined the Fandom in October, 2007. Staunch Neutral in answering the question "Whom would Gadget choose?".

Ranger Code

RRC++ R P+ TH(A;I+;X-;Hu+;Mu+!;My;R;P+;Sl;Su) Ix! CR>+ Cc++d++g+++mz M++ Zm Pcd+o-@

Fan Fiction

Main Storyline

Other Fanfics

Translations from English

Translations into English

  • Malf-Life
  • 'Tomorrow' is for 'Never'
  • Offensive Care
  • Owl Play
  • For a Nickel or a Crime
  • Northblight
  • The Next Level

Artworks (worth mentioning)

  • Fly to the Moonlight illustration [1]
  • Illustrations for John Nowak's Under the Bridge and Icarus [7][8][9][10]
  • Anti-composition Dale's Sun [11]
  • Of Mice Beyond Mayhem cover illustrations (Russian[12] and English[13])

Song Parodies


2007 Golden Acorn Awards:

2007 Golden Screw-Nut Awards:

  • Best Writer (tie with Prapor)
  • Best All-Time Fanfic: 'Tomorrow' is for 'Never'

2008 Golden Acorn Awards:

2008 Golden Screw-Nut Awards:

  • Best Classic Fanfic: Offensive Care
  • Best Action-style Fanfic: Offensive Care
  • Best Translation of Fanfic/Comic: Gliding Light
  • Best Writer
  • The Rangerfile of the Year (tied with Prapor)

2009 Golden Acorn Awards:

  • Best Use of a Recurring Series Character: Chip in Offensive Care (tied with Dale in Heart by Saraggle91 and Norton Nimnul in The Anatomy of the Soul by Bubbles’ Big Brother)
  • Best Characterization of the Rangers: Offensive Care (tied with Catsino Royale by t.s.)
  • Best Original Female Character: Nurse Mildred from Offensive Care (tied with Miss Emily from Heart by Saraggle91)
  • Best Narrative Description: Offensive Care (as a whole) (tied with The Anatomy of the Soul (as a whole) by Bubbles’ Big Brother)
  • Best Mystery/Thriller: Offensive Care (tied with The Anatomy of the Soul by Bubbles’ Big Brother)

2011 Golden Acorn Awards:

2011 Golden Screw-Nut Awards:

  • Best Collage: Cover illustration for "Of Mice Beyond Mayhem" [18]
  • Best Action Fanfic: Of Mice Beyond Mayhem
  • Best Translation of Fanfic/Comic: Sovereign
  • Best Writer (tied with Nik)

2012 Golden Acorn Awards:

2012 Golden Screw-Nut Awards:

  • Best Translation of Fanfic/Comic: Rhyme and Reason

2013 Golden Acorn Awards:

2013 Golden Screw-Nut Awards:

2014 Golden Acorn Awards:

  • Best Story (Russian): Northblight

2014 Golden Screw-Nut Awards:

  • Best Action/Adventure Fanfic: Northblight

2015 Golden Acorn Awards:

  • Best Author

2016 Golden Screw-Nut Awards:

2017 Golden Screw-Nut Awards:

  • Best Dramatic Fanfic: The Next Level

External Links:

  • "Bookshelf" at [19]
  • "Bookshelf" at [20] (in Russian)