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Writing credits: Gyrotank

Written: July 2012

First released: Russian version, 'Khod sovoy', posted in its entirety on Russian CDRR Headquarters on July 28th, 2012. English translation was completed by author and was posted on The Acorn Cafe in series format from August 15th, 2012 till September 28th, 2012

Title reference: Word play on 'owl' and 'foul play'

Continuity: Third story in series, preceded by 'Tomorrow' is for 'Never' and followed by For a Nickel or a Crime

Length: 24,071 words (Russian version); 28,622 words (English version) (the difference in size is due to language differences only, there were no additional episodes)

Rating: PG.


While travelling through Canada on their way home after another successful case the Rescue Rangers witness the two men shooting down great grey owls with tranquilizer darts. Having saved one of the birds from the captors, the owl suggests they should inform the Owl Parliament of what was happening. As a result, Rescue Rangers become official 'agents' of the Parliament and from now on have to fight both criminals and Parliamentary opposition, whose leader isn't interested in their success at all...

Important Characters


The Rescue Rangers


Wide Beak

Big Head

Long Beak

Bald Skull

Alejandro Sosa

Manuel Cardozo

Ramon Bernardo



The Ranger Wing


Gadget's Vibro-Transceivers


2012 Golden Acorn Awards:

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