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Inspired by the famous Geek Code, the Ranger Code is a code used to describe a Rangerphile's attitude to certain aspects of the fandom.

The Ranger Code was created by Byron "TheBoz" Crowe, and also includes a lot of items suggested by Matt Plotecher. TheBoz hosted it on his Gadget Hackwrench Homepage where it can still be found today, although the website has since changed ownership multiple times. It was first taken over by Winston, who continued developing the Code to what it is today and hosted it on the Rescue Ranger Database. The RRDatabase switched hands again a few years later, to Tanka, who currently maintains it.

Since version 0.3, the scores of Candy Courtnier's Rangerity Test and Gadgetism Test are included in the Code.

History Excerpts

May 22, 1998: First test release, version 0.1.

June 1, 1998: Version 0.5 is released to the public.

October 4, 1998: Version 0.8 is the last version created by TheBoz.

August 4, 2003: Winston takes over the Gadget Hackwrench Homepage and the Ranger Code with it. After almost five years, the work on the Code is taken up again.

July 6, 2004: The final version 1.0 is released.

The full history can be found with the Ranger Code itself.

Brief Description

General Section

  • RRC – Lead-in and dedication to the show.
  • P – Keeping the fandom for oneself or rather letting the public know.
  • TH – Preferred themes in episodes, such as adventure, angst, humor or mystery. With the increasing amount of fanfics available, it was made applicable to fan fiction as well.
  • ME – How much merchandise one owns.
  • I – Internet saturation. There's even the tag Ig, meaning that the owner of this code runs a Gadget-only website. This tag shows that the Ranger Code dates back to the times before the Web 2.0 heydays when almost everyone had their own little fansites at one of the many free webhosting services because they had little of a choice.
  • E – Emulation of characters. Again, here are pre-defined tags.
    • Ec – Chip
    • Ed – Dale
    • Eg – Gadget
    • Em – Monterey Jack
    • Ez – Zipper
    • Ef – Foxglove
    • Et – Tammy
    • Eo – Other characters, to be specified in brackets
  • D – How much one dreams of the Rescue Rangers at night. Daydreams don't count here.
  • M – Activity at the Acorn Cafe. By the time the Ranger Code was completed, it was the only fan forum.
  • Z – Gender and age.

Gadget's Section

Inaugurated with version 0.3, this section describes the degrees of Gadgephilia. Adding this section to the personal code is not required.

  • GH – Amount of Gadget worshipping.
  • L – Amount of love for Gadget. It is commonly known that a lot of mostly male Rangerphiles have a more or less severe crush on the inventor mouse.
  • GGadgetism Test score. It also describes which subsection scored higher (Ga for subsection A, Gb for subsection B, Ge for both subsections scoring equally).
  • P – What a Rangerphile thinks about possible pairings with Chip (Pc), Dale (Pd), Sparky (Ps) and other characters (Po, name to be added in brackets). So a single glance reveals if someone is pro or anti. One reason why Ranger Codes aren't always read from the very beginning.

Silly Section

This section is just for fun and optional, too.

It describes, in the opinion of the specific Rangerphile, things like the number of Gadget clones/look-alikes, the number of Chip's and Dale's disguises, the daily bonk count etc.

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