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Writing credits: Gyrotank

Written: December 2007 - July 2008 with major changes introduced also in October, 2008 and April, 2009.

First released: The 1st edition of Russian version, 'Agressivnaya terapiya', posted in its entirety on Russian CDRR Headquarters on July 15th, 2008. Following critique by Draco Lockhard, 2nd edition with substantially modified plot was made, published on July 27th. On October 18th 3rd edition appeared fixing some comparatively minor issues. 4th edition, on which English translation was based, was coined in April, 2009.

English translation was made in November, 2008 - June 2009 and after being thoroughly reviewed by Dr. Indy was posted on The Acorn Cafe in series format from September 10th till October 4th, 2009.

Title reference: Word play on 'Intensive Care' as well as the idea of someone's caring possibly viewed and felt as offensive and rude by those cared of.

Continuity: Sixth and currently final story in series, preceded by Northblight

Length: 176,362 words, 11 chapters (Russian version, 4th edition); 201,516 words, 11 parts (English version) (the difference in size is due to language differences only, there were no additional episodes)

Rating: PG-13 for intensiveness, angst and suggestiveness.


The story is set six months after 'Tomorrow' is for 'Never'. It begins on December 8th with Rescue Rangers thwarting another Fat Cat's scheme. Unfortunately, Chip receives heavy leg injury and is put into Small Central Hospital. His trauma threatens to foil Ranger's plans to spend their Christmas vacation on the isle of Java. But Chip, feeling obliged, convinces his friends to go there in order to catch the total solar eclipse Gadget was eagerly looking forward to study and come back to celebrate the Christmas and New Year together. Soon after his friends depart Chip witnesses what seems to be an attempt on the life of Harold Bucksup III and starts his own investigation. At first the Ranger can't understand why would anyone want to murder the already dying old mouse, but soon starts to realize that the plot he is facing is much more sinister than anyone could ever imagine...

Important Characters


The Rescue Rangers

Harold Bucksup III

Fat Cat




Sparky (mentioned)

Buzz (mentioned)

Foxglove (mentioned)

Geegaw Hackwrench (mentioned)


Nurse Mildred

Doctor Stone

Doctor Spivey

Nurseman Mitchell

Orderly Turkle

Washy Chibbit

Mouise Bucksup

Barbara Swissand

Perry Nutson

Father Scott

Budi Bambang



The Ranger Wing


The Miniature Plunger Guns


Gadget's Vibro-Transceivers

Multi-function Analyzer

Rolling Thunder


(Russian version)

2008 Golden Acorn Awards: Best Story (Russian)

2008 Golden Screw-Nut Awards: Best Classic Fanfic, Best Action-style Fanfic.

(English version)

2009 Golden Acorn Awards: Best Use of a Recurring Series Character (Chip) (tied with Dale in Heart by Saraggle91 and Norton Nimnul in The Anatomy of the Soul by Bubbles’ Big Brother); Best Characterization of the Rangers (tied with Catsino Royale by t.s.); Best Original Female Character (Nurse Mildred) (tied with Miss Emily from Heart by Saraggle91); Best Narrative Description (for the story as a whole) (tied with The Anatomy of the Soul (as a whole) by Bubbles’ Big Brother); Best Mystery/Thriller (tied with The Anatomy of the Soul by Bubbles’ Big Brother)


  • In this story, as in the author's Rangerverse in general, Rescue Rangers' Hometown is an unnamed city on the Pacific Coast, situated not too far from another fantasy megapolis, San-Angeles
  • Father Scott is based on the character from "The Poseidon Adventure" movie
  • Nurse Mildred's prototype is Nurse Mildred Ratched from the movie "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". Mousie Bucksup, nee Stretcher, is based on Louise Fletcher, actress who performed this role in the movie.
  • The band A-kha is based on Norwegian band a-ha. The 'Dirk Suave movie theme song' is reference to a-ha's title song for James Bond movie "The Living Daylights"
  • (SPOILER BLANKED) The first two editions of the story had three different and equally 'true' 11th chapters: 'Congratulatory Diagnosis - It's Love' (Chip + Mildred, Dale + Gadget), 'Congratulatory Diagnosis - It's Miracle' (Chip + Gadget, Dale + Mildred), 'Congratulatory Diagnosis - It's History' (Mildred + Washy). All three of them had much in common but featured some unique episodes which together formed a complete picture of events. In 3rd edition the 'Love' variant was chosen as the 'true' one and the other two - as 'alternative'. In 4th edition all the uniques from alternate endings were incorporated in the text. 'Miracle' and 'History' endings currently exist in Russian only.

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