Fly to the Light

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Writing credits: Matt Plotecher

Written: June 1997

First released:

Title reference: Quote from the story itself.

Continuity: First story in the Chip Noir Dale's Rescue Rangers series. Preceded by There and back...AGAIN?, followed by Plots.

Length: 97,392 words (the complete work); 9 chapters + prologue + epilogue

Rating: PG


When his journey around the world takes him to Japan, a stranger hands Cheddarhead Charlie a letter for Gadget. This letter reveals a secret to her and makes her decide to travel to Japan as soon as possible. The other Rescue Rangers join her, hoping to find out more about a group of organized criminal rodents which have just appeared in their hometown...

Important Characters


The Rescue Rangers

Cheddarhead Charlie

Geegaw Hackwrench



An Tham Sun

Kan Sune


Mel and Alice

Terica Noteworth (Hackwrench) (mentioned)

Marie Sunslope (mentioned)


The Ranger Wing


Plato Awards: Best Original Male Character for An Tham Sun

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