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Writing credits: John Nowak

Written: 1999

First released: 1999

Title reference: An allusion to the recognition of Widget as the head of sovereign state by Staten City authorities, as well the whole author's idea of writing a collection of novellas with a common motive of 'there's no higher law for anyone than he himself'.

Part of series: Third and (currently) final Nowakverse story, preceded by Icarus.

Length: approximately 106,000 words (the complete work); 3 parts

Rating: PG/PG-13


Christmas time is really hot for Rescue Rangers and their relatives. Apart from the usual Ranger tasks, they are preoccupied with the Society of Rodent Engineers, especially Gadget who is so important for Ultra-Flight Laboratories' 'Falcon' project that its head, Clayton, is willing to do everything to make her leave the Rangers for good. Add to this some very tense relations between Gadget, Widget and Staten City Mayor Jerome Catbane, who happens to be their grandfather, and the picture will be completed. Well, almost. A mysterious figure calling him-, her- or maybe even itself 'Deep Stoat' warns Gadget and Widget that they are in a a grave danger. Cassandra's prophecy implies doom, too. And when a routine 'Albacore' attack drill ends in a torpedo hit of a rodent passenger liner 'Lucy Tania', Rangers find themselves running against the clock to prevent an impeding full-scale war...

Important Characters


The Rescue Rangers

Fat Cat




Clyde Cosgrove

Melody (from Disney comic books)

Mrs. Squirrel as 'June'


Widget Hackwrench

Kapitanleutnant Jurgen Jurgen

Karl Jurgen


The Albacore crew

Jerome Catbane


Admiral Feldmows



Dr. Skinner (mentioned)

Syril Stacey (used with Aivars Liepa's permission)


Mungo aka Atropos



The Ranger Wing



Lucy Tania

The Darned Nearly Recoilless Rifle

The Ranger Rocket (Mark II, III, IV, V, VI)



2002 Golden Acorn Awards: Best Characterization of the Rangers

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