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Writing credits: Gyrotank

Written: October 2007

First released: Russian version, 'Nedoraspad', posted in its entirety on Russian CDRR Headquarters on October 15, 2007. English version posted on The Acorn Cafe in series format from November 26 till December 17, 2007.

Title reference: Hybrid of words 'half-life' and 'malfunction'.

Continuity: First story in series, followed by 'Tomorrow' is for 'Never'

Length: 19,011 words (Russian version); 22,578 words, 9 chapters (English version) (the difference in size is due to language differences only, there were no additional episodes)

Rating: PG


When Rescue Rangers learned from TV News about isolation of new supertransuranic element ululunium, little did they know about the plans The Greatest Spy in the World had about it. The mystrerious kidnapping of Professor Nimnul Rangers witness accidentally leads them to Bottlebottom Research Center where ululunium worth 30 billion dollars is kept which the Spy plans to steal. But what's even worse, he's going to blow up the nuclear reactor to cover his tracks...

Important Characters


The Rescue Rangers

Professor Norton Nimnul

The Greatest Spy in the World


Louie and Moe

Stan Blather


Professor Silverspoon



The Ranger Wing


Norton Nimnul's Reactor Robots

Gadget's Anti-robot Electromagnets

Gadget's Anti-Rad Suits

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