2011 Golden Screw-Nut Awards

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The 2011 Golden Screw-Nut Awards ceremony took place on March 31, 2012. Being the fifth ceremony, it included All-Time Best nominations in addition to the regular ones. It was decided that each person and work can win All-Time Best title only once, thus joining the previous winners in the Hall of Fame and becoming non-eligible for nomination in corresponding nominations in the future.

Text part was written by Sillimanit, Nikandrev, and Outdoorsman.

Best Artwork

Best Black-White Image (Traditional): AGM - Tall Stories [1]

Other nominees:

Best Colored Image (Traditional): Stacy Braxton - Gadget [25]

Other nominees:

Best CGI Image: Tie between Agent Chip - Gadget in Space [28], Agent Chip - Farewell (an illustration to 11 PM by DTZoN) [29] and Kejzfox - Gadget in Ancient Slavic Style [30]

Other nominees:

  • Agent Chip - Meeting in a Restaurant [31]
  • Agent Chip - The Blast (an illustration to 11 PM by DTZoN) [32]
  • Agent Chip - D&G - Noir [33]
  • Agent Chip - Thank you (an illustration to 11 PM by DTZoN) [34]
  • Agent Chip - Thank you 2DF (an illustration to 11 PM by DTZoN) [35]
  • Alex_fox - Don't Go There [36]
  • CrMaReLi - Sleep... [37]
  • CrMaReLi - Who Are You? [38]
  • DTZoN - CDRR Noir - Tammy [39]
  • JJ_Revers - Jets'n'Guns [40]
  • JJ_Revers - Hard as a Rock [41]
  • Oha - Longing for Summer, Sun and Warmth [42]
  • Rous - Pirate Girl [43]
  • Stacy Braxton - More or Less Tammy [44]
  • Zak - Gadget on a Lawn [45]

Best Collage: Gyrotank - Cover illustration for "Of Mice Beyond Mayhem" [46]

Best 3-D Piece: Stich - Monterey Jack [47]

Other nominees:

  • Agent Chip - Gadget Medallion [48]

Best Comic

Best Comic: (not awarded due to absence of nominees)

Best Fanfiction

Best Adventure Fanfic: Nikandrev - With Just A Single Snap of Fingers

Other nominees:

Best Fantastic Fanfic: PengWin - The Dark Water

Best Action Fanfic: Gyrotank - Of Mice Beyond Mayhem

Other nominees:

  • DTZoN - Closer to the Sky
  • Nikandrev - Nimnulology of Horror
  • Nikandrev - Dale's Day
  • PengWin - The Dark Water
  • PengWin - The Last Victim

Best Humorous Fanfic: Valeriy Voron Haneev - A Lesson

Other nominees:

Best Romantic Fanfic: Junker - Autumn Triangle

Other nominees:

Best Miscellaneous Fanfic: Daniil - Border Post

Other nominees:

Best Poetry

Best Miscellaneous Poem: (not awarded due to absence of nominees)

Best Lyric Poem: (not awarded due to absence of nominees)

Best Humorous Poem: Sillimanit - Nimnul's Song

Best Tragic Poem: Volalex - Sorrow

Other nominees:

Best Translation

Best Translation of Fanfic: Gyrotank - Sovereign (translation of the story by John Nowak)

Other nominees:

Best Translation of Comic: (not awarded due to absence of nominees)

Best Translation of Poem: (not awarded due to absence of nominees)

Best Stuff

Best Stuff Made With One's Own Hands: Zak - Angel [49]

Other nominees:

  • Zak - Copper Gadget [50]

Best Stuff-maker: Zak

Best Video

Best Animation Clip: Lazorewka Studio - New Year's Matrix Parody [51]

Best Music Video: Cray - №9 - America [52]

Best Foreign Works

Best Foreign Artist: Rye

Other nominees:

Best Foreign Writer: Bubbles' Big Brother

Other nominees:

Best Foreign Comic-maker: Gabe Bennett

Best Picture by Foreign Artist: Rye - Clock Tower [53]

Other nominees:

  • Rye - Belly Dance [54]
  • Rye - I've Got Gadgets and Gizmos Aplenty [55]

Best Fanfic by Foreign Author: nutsforbrains - Art of Mind's Construction

Other nominees:

Best Comic by Foreign Author: Gabe Bennett - Ranger Days

The Best

Best Traditional Artist: Agent Chip

Other nominees:

Best CGI Artist: Agent Chip

Other nominees:

Best 3-D Artist: Stich

Best Comic-maker: (not awarded due to absence of nominees)

Best Writer: Tie between Nikandrev and Gyrotank

Other nominees:

Best Animator: Lazorewka Studio

The All-Time Best

Best All-Time Artist: Tie between Agent Chip and Trash

Other nominees:

Best All-Time Writer: DTZoN

Other nominees:

Best All-Time Artwork: Trash - Duality (cover illustration for 'Tomorrow' is for 'Never' by Gyrotank) [56]

Other nominees:

Best All-Time Fanfic: DTZoN - 11 PM

Other nominees:

Special Award

The Rangerphile of the Year: Agent Chip - for creation of the new forum and his titanic efforts as the administrator, artistic duels' host and Art-Tournament organizer; for creating beautiful artworks with the speed of ant-aircraft machine gun

Other nominees:

  • Nikandrev - for his great working capacity and desire to be useful
  • Prapor - for having been loyal to CDRRHQ for eight years
  • Gyrotank - for having written a novel comparable with "War and Peace"; for incredible hardworking and attention to details
  • Draco - for rising the idea of writing duels to the entirely new level; for love and respect for our small heroes

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