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Mole is one of four core members of Fat Cat's gang.

Canonical Information


Mole is a chubby mole in a dark red shirt.


Mole is the naivest member of Fat Cat's gang and at times appears to be simply dumb. He also seems to be the most cheerful member of the group, is easily distracted and loves candy. Interestingly enough, the episode A Lad in a Lamp seems to suggest that he has got a mean streak hidden within which even surprised Fat Cat himself.


Mole is not the most helpful member of Fat Cat's gang and as such is most of the time both the scapegoat and the means for Fat Cat to vent his frustration when another one of his schemes goes wrong. Mole doesn't seem to mind though, with the exception of A Lean on the Property where he, cleverly manipulated by the Rangers, starts an uproar among his fellow moles against Fat Cat. But he usually just serves as comic relief.


Mole appears in the following episodes:

Adventures in Squirrelsitting

Flash the Wonder Dog

Parental Discretion Retired

A Lad in a Lamp

Battle of the Bulge

Ghost of a Chance

Last Train to Cashville


To the Rescue (Parts 1 through 3)


Shell Shocked

When You Fish Upon a Star

A Lean on the Property

Gorilla My Dreams