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Wart is one of four core members of Fat Cat's gang.

Canonical Information


Wart is a small green lizard dressed in a red coat and a hat.


Wart is probably the smartest member of Fat Cat's gang, although that doesn't say much. His voice and mannerisms emulate Peter Lorre. Wart is opportunistic and will betray allies if he feels it profitable and safe.


Wart gets away with performing slightly less physical dirty work than his peers. For instance, in Flash the Wonder Dog the entire gang went on a mischief spree, and while the others picked destructive or particularly mean activities, he chose vandalism. He does not do a lot of heavy lifting, and sometimes acts as de facto commander, as in Parental Discretion Retired when he directs Mepps and Mole.


Wart appears in the following episodes:

Adventures in Squirrelsitting

Flash the Wonder Dog

Parental Discretion Retired

A Lad in a Lamp

Battle of the Bulge

Ghost of a Chance

Last Train to Cashville


To the Rescue (Parts 1 through 3)


Shell Shocked

When You Fish Upon a Star

Gorilla My Dreams