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Mepps is one of four core members of Fat Cat's gang. His name is incorrectly spelled "Meps" in the subtitles on at least the first disc of the Rescue Rangers DVD set.

Canonical Information


Mepps is the tallest member of the inner gang, a haggard cat with orange and peach fur. He never looks well, or even clean; his eyes are yellowed and bagged, his tail is kinked and tied with a bandage or tourniquet of some sort, and one of his ears has been severely notched. He wears a knit cap and an open vest. He could be perceived as a drug addict with his thin, ill frame, sick eyes and tied tail; the chance of official confirmation on this is probably not high.


He has brief flashes of standard, self-serving vices: pettiness, cruelty, and greed. However, Mepps is so mentally disjointed that he cannot keep up a thought for long. He is not as consistently dull as Mole, but displays logic gaps at odd times. For example, he had trouble finding the correct number between one and three. He may have picked a non-integer, but the implication is that he should have picked two and failed to do so.


Mepps bungles constantly, like most of his fellow gang members, and contributes little. One exception and one of his greatest moments came in Ghost of a Chance, where he provided the voice of the Canterville Cat. He tackled his role with unusual clarity, scaring Monty and Sir Colby senseless, and did not fail until the entire three-man costume broke up.


Mepps appears in the following episodes:

Adventures in Squirrelsitting

Flash the Wonder Dog

Parental Discretion Retired

A Lad in a Lamp

Battle of the Bulge

Ghost of a Chance

Last Train to Cashville


To the Rescue (Parts 1 through 3)


Shell Shocked

When You Fish Upon a Star

A Lean on the Property

Gorilla My Dreams