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This article is about the guinea pig named Buzz. For the Space Plane pilot, see Buzz Airfields.

Buzz is a guinea pig, an experimental animal of Professor Nimnul. He is Sparky's compatriot.

Canonical Information


Buzz is described by Sparky as a guinea pig, but he strongly resembles a hamster; the two animals are often confused. Buzz is shorter than most other rodents and looks rotund. His fur is self (solid colored) tan and his hands, feet and short tail are all pink. He wears a red sweatband and shirt. The shirt seems to be too small for him and rides up.


Like Sparky, Buzz has been subjected to negative reinforcement by electroshock. Because of this Buzz carries an excess electrical charge that sometimes arcs in his mouth. Unlike Sparky, however, Buzz does not appear to have damaged memory. He seems to be of average intelligence and only lapses, like Sparky, when executing his program.


Buzz has been trained to run a tube maze and receive a food reward at the end. The reason for this is that Buzz powers a mecha that resembles him, and he guides the robot through sewers as he mindlessly repeats his maze run. The maze is a model of the sewer, and the location of the prize corresponds to the location of a bank.