A Lean on the Property

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The City after the moles have ruined it

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Title reference: The title is a pun on a lien on the property. A property lien (sounds like lean in American English) is a mortgage or other debt against that property. [1]

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Monty's mother Camembert Kate pays a visit to her son. The other Rangers practically idolize her, but Monty finds his mother overbearing and fights against her authority. Meanwhile, Fat Cat has had it with dogs. He enlists the moles of the city to dig under buildings and tilt them, thus chasing humans and their dogs out - and incidentally allowing him to rule the city.


The Rescue Rangers

Camembert Kate

Fat Cat

Fat Cat's Henchmen, especially Mole

The moles


The Ranger Plane

Kate's makeshift megaphone


"Well, I've done all right for meself." "Yeah. I've noticed."

"What do moles do best, Mole?" "Chase frogs?"


This is Kate's second appearance. Her first was in Parental Discretion Retired, where her physical appearance was different and Monty was enthusiastically glad to see her. The changes appear to have been a needed part of fleshing out her character for this episode.