Battle of the Bulge

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Fat Cat holds a pineapple (with Chip and Dale hiding inside) intended for his fruit bat clients

Writing Credits: Tad Stones, Dev Ross

First Aired: First aired in the US on October 9, 1989

Title reference: The title refers to Monty's projected attempts at dieting and is a play on the Battle of the Bulge, a major U.S. battle in World War II.

Episode Number: 21

Season: 2

Production Number: 15


Monty's theft of food in the police station causes a row and finally makes Monty admit that he is overweight. Unfortunately, he drags the other Rangers with him on a self-depriving weight loss plan. Chip and Dale are sneaking a breakfast of fresh fruit when they are accidentally brought to Fat Cat's headquarters, where Fat Cat has hired three Jamaican fruit bats to rob an armored helicopter in mid-flight. Despite the unhelpful "fix" to the Ranger Plane to make it an exercise machine (at Monty's request,) the Rangers intercept the helicopter and use it to tear open Fat Cat's office, landing the jewels on the street, Fat Cat in the sewer, and his cohorts in the garbage.


The Rescue Rangers

The Jamaican Fruit Bats

Fat Cat

Fat Cat's Henchmen

Stan Blather

Chief Marley

Lady Richmore

Muldoon and Kirby

Dev of "Aerobic Dancing with Dev"


The Ranger Plane, briefly modified to be pedal-powered

The Plunger Crossbow

The armored jewel transport helicopter and its winch

Gadget's Plunger Shoes


Fat Cat: Pearls! And diamonds! And Rescue Rangers! And emeralds, and—Rescue Rangers?!

Dev: Cool jets, everybody!


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