Ghost of a Chance

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Fat Cat delights in finding the Crown Jewels

Writing Credits: Art Cover, Lydia Marano, & Bryce Malek

First Aired: October 2, 1989

Title reference: Based on the metaphor "a ghost of a chance," meaning very unlikely.

Episode Number: 34

Season: 2

Production Number: CDRR 1209


Fat Cat plans to steal the British Crown Jewels from the Tower of London. The Rangers are aided in their quest to stop him by the cowardly ghost of Monty's ancestor. Monty must also perform a brave deed to help the ghost, but Fat Cat exploits their shared fear of a ghost cat to stop them. Gadget, Chip, & Dale are caught by Fat Cat and strapped on a "crew cutter" torture device. Monty overcomes his fear and attacks the ghost cat, then rescues the other Rangers. Meanwhile Sir Colby overcomes his fear and scares away Fat Cat, saving the crown jewels.


The Rescue Rangers

Sir Colby

Fat Cat

Fat Cat's Henchmen

The Canterville Cat


The Ranger Plane

The Canterville Cat as a costume

Various ancient torture devices including the "crew cutter."


Fat Cat: I know, the crew cutter! A horrible little toy, used to extract confessions from the guilty.

Chip: What is it, Zipper? What did you see?

Dale: A beach ball?

Monty: A beach ball with claws?

Gadget: Fat Cat!

Sir Colby: In the name of the Queen of England, I command you to remove that crown!

Fat Cat: Gladly! (Hits Sir Colby with the crown)

Monty: You may be a cat, and you may be a ghost, but you're also history! This one's for you, Colby!


The "crew cutter" is a guillotine with a timing device attached.

Some fans assume Monty's last name to be Colby, since Sir Colby is his ancestor. It is worth noting that, in English tradition, the title of Sir is followed by name and not surname of the individual. The first author to use Colby as Monty's last name was Eddie Baird.