Parental Discretion Retired

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Parental Discretion Retired
Screenshot from Parental Discretion Retired
Monty and Gadget with Cheddarhead Charlie
Writing credits: Mark Edens
First aired: May 21, 1989
Title reference: Reference to the phrase Parental discretion required
Episode number: 13
Season: 1
Production order: 8
Production number: CDRR 1113
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Monty's adored but reckless father, Cheddarhead Charlie, pays a visit just as the Rescue Rangers get a new case. Fat Cat is hypnotizing sturgeon to think they are chickens so they will frequently lay eggs for caviar. During the case Charlie works chaotically and irritates Chip. The Rangers (with little help from Charlie) manage to free the sturgeon and chase Fat Cat and gang away. After overhearing the Rescue Rangers say that he doesn't fit in, Charlie voluntarily leaves. Before leaving, Camembert Kate appears on the Ranger's doorstep to visit and share some adventures, much to Chip's chagrin.


The Rescue Rangers

Cheddarhead Charlie

Fat Cat

Fat Cat's Henchmen

Camembert Katie (Kate)

The denizens of the Seafood Bar

The lady sturgeon


The hot water bottle raft

The Diving Bucket

Fat Cat's hypnotizing device


Chip: Does that clam sound funny to you?

Gadget: Wlidunno. What do clams usually sound like?

Wart (to unconscious Chip): Wake up! We want to taunt you! Mercilessly!

Cheddarhead Charlie (about Gadget): Ah, a delicate rose amongst the ragweed.

Cheddarhead Charlie: The trick of an adventure is not gettin' 'ung up in details.


  • In this early episode, Peter Cullen played Monty and Jim Cummings played Charlie. This is a possible basis for a retcon of the change from Cullen to Cummings for Monty's voice: his voice changed as he aged.
  • Fat Cat calls his group of captive egg-laying fish "sturgeons." Per the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, the correct plural for a group of these fish is probably "sturgeon." The word "sturgeons" is used when referring to multiple species of this kind of fish. [1]
  • Camembert Kate makes her first appearance in this episode. Fans have commented on her relationship with Charlie as far back as the CDRR comic. If they were ever married, they do not appear to live together now, but are still friendly.
  • Pro C+G proponents point to the flirting between Chip and Gadget at the beginning of this episode, and the scene's inclusion in the show's opening. The anti defense, attributed to Juan F. Lara, is that it was a plot device to set up the rivalry between Chip and Charlie.