When You Fish Upon a Star

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The supposed "Canine Island"

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Title reference: The title is a play on the classic Disney song "When You Wish Upon a Star" from Pinocchio.

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The Rescue Rangers respond to the wreck of the Luciteania near Canine Island, an old haunt of Monty's that he has many fond memories of. Their boat hits a reef and they are shipwrecked on what they think to be Canine Island, where all of Monty's memories prove false. They are captured by Fat Cat, who has been using fireflies to fake star constellations and trick ship pilots, who are navigating by the stars, into wrecking their ships at another island. Fat Cat wants one special piece of cargo, the Moby Carp, "a fish so delicious that I am the only creature on this planet worthy of consuming it."


The Rescue Rangers

Fat Cat

Fat Cat's Henchmen


Sonny's Dad

An aggressive lobster

The fireflies of Firefly Island

The Moby Carp (offscreen)


The Ranger Boat

The Raging Prawn

The Lucitetania

Navigational equipment


Mole: Firefly, firefly bright. First firefly I see tonight. I wish for a basketball.

Fat Cat: If you're going to make a wish, Mole, wish for some brains.

Fat Cat (to Gadget): As soon as I figure out whatever it is you just said, I'm sure I'll be impressed by your deductive reasoning.


The ship that the Rangers are after, Lucitetania is a reference to RMS Lusitania that was sunk by a U-Boot during WWI.

The sailor aboard Raging Prawn is shouting "Hard to port" while simultaneously turning hard to starboard.