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The Russian CDRR Portal, also known as, is one of the most versatile Ranger-related places on the Web. It provides the visitor with lots of canonical information as well as an extensive fan art gallery, fan fiction of mostly Russian origin, and other goodies. Dating back to at least February 2001 (earliest guestbook entry), the Russian CDRR Portal is available in Russian and English, and three different skins can be chosen, the regular blue skin, a wooden skin, and a metal skin. A news list on the index page informs the visitor about recent changes and additions, depending on in which language the page is viewed.

The Russian CDRR Portal is a member of the Gadget Hackwrench Webring.

The Team

According to the site, the team behind the Russian CDRR Portal consists of:

Sections and Contents


All 65 episodes are described here, complete with a screengrab, a summary, a list of characters, and a list of contraptions. The two latter link to separate character/contraption pages.


Gadget's Workshop is the section about contraptions used by the Rescue Rangers which are described in one article each. Most of them were invented by Gadget. There are eight categories:


Here, all characters from the show, no matter how minor, are listed and described. Again, there are eight categories:


This unique section describes the Rescue Rangers Headquarters floor by floor, room by room, and even contains floor plans based on the show. These floor plans, however, contradict those from the Rescue Rangers RPG.


The Russian CDRR Portal's fan art gallery contains lots of art created mostly by members of the Russian fandom such as Artist, DeLTa, Head, KOH, Integrator, Pater Falsi, Shredder, Silent Shadow, or svz, but the Norwegian artist Stian Thommassen exhibits his art there, too. Separate subsections contain fan fiction illustrations and scans of coloring books and comics.


There is also a fan fiction section. Apart from the Denmark-based Ulrik Raben who wrote in English, all writers presenting their works wrote them in Russian. For English readers, Aivars Liepa translated not only two of his own stories (except the still unfinished Sisters, the translation of which can be found elsewhere), but also some written by Roman Bulygin, John, Pater Falsi, and Toona, whereas Murad Ismailov provided his own translation.


In the music section, various versions of the main theme and the ending theme can be found as well as The Fat Cat Stomp, You're the Best Bee for Me, The Coo-Koo Cola Jingle, The Best of Everything, Pirates of Peejama, and some other Ranger-related music, often in multiple languages. MIDI files are available, as are karaoke versions.


The Video section is divided into two subsections. The Official Videos subsection contains videos by Disney such as the Jets music video, the documentary Chip 'n Dale's Excellent Adventures, several versions of the Disney Afternoon intro, the one-second clip from the Disney Afternoon intro in which Gadget's hair is painted by a large brush, and the rare scene of Gadget dancing. As the name says, the Fanworks section shows some fan-made videos, five of which are CGI videos.


Divided into twelve categories, the Stuff section is full of things which don't fit into any other section such as computer add-ons (icons, screensavers, wallpapers, Winamp skins etc.), photographs, or miscellaneous scans.


The Info section provides some information about the Russian CDRR Portal itself, including the staff behind the Portal.


The links lead to mostly Russian websites such as the websites of Artist (, Aivars Liepa, Ilya Pestov, and Mechanic, but there is also a link to the Acorn Cafe.

Site Map

As is recommended for websites, the Russian CDRR Portal has also got a sitemap from which every page can be accessed directly.

Guest Book

The Russian CDRR Portal has also got two guestbooks. The Russian guestbook's first entry was submitted by Alex on February 12th, 2001, and the English guestbook's first entry was posted by Ruslan on April 4th, 2002.


2003 Golden Acorn Awards: Best Website Layout, Best Website Content

2004 Golden Acorn Awards: Best Website Layout

2006 Golden Acorn Awards: Best Website Layout (tie with the Rescue Rangers Headquarters and the Ranger Wiki), Best Website Content (tie with the Ranger Wiki)

2007 Golden Acorn Awards: Best Website Layout

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The Russian CDRR Portal in English

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