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The Gyrotank in crawling mode
The Gyrotank is a wheeled armored vehicle built by Gadget to combat the ninjas of the Cola Cult.


The vehicle features a combination of elements from two of Gadget's other vehicles - namely the Rangermobile and the Gyromobile. It is built on the Ranger Mobile chassis, modified with retractable wheels, with a round armor of diecast steel about 0.1 in thick. Around the armor the Gyromobile's ring is mounted on an articulated mount, allowing the vehicle to traverse vertical obstacles and travel on the ceiling. Main propulsion is provided by the means of a hair dryer. The crew can exit via either the top hatch or the bottom trapdoor-style hatch. The vehicle is armed only with a double ram.

The Gyrotank features a radio control system allowing Gadget to steer it by the means of a hand-held pilot.


The Gyrotank was featured in a single episode - The Case of the Cola Cult.


The vehicle is never named in the series. Its name is fan-made.

Fan Gyrotank chose his nickname after this vehicle - his all-time favorite contraption in all series.