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The Modemizer was invented by Norton Nimnul to enable him to get past any kind of obstacles at burglaries or when escaping the police.

Canonical Information


This experimental device appears like a weird combination of a helmet and an acoustic coupler. It allows the user to travel through the telephone lines, arriving anywhere that there is a telephone to arrive at. Only one is needed as it travels with its user. Being experimental, however, it is not safe for transporting more than one user at a time.


Seen in A Fly in the Ointment.

Accepted Fan Fiction Conventions

Some fan fiction authors who are pro Chip+Gadget (or simply Gadget+any chipmunk) believe that the Modemizer incident made Gadget genetically compatible with the chipmunks and rendered a possible relationship of hers with Chip sensible (with Indy & Chris Silva being the first to actually use this idea and fish picking it up, too). Nevertheless, the whole issue of interspecies relationships has been discussed numerous times as there are several solutions.