2008 EuroRangerCon

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The 2008 EuroRangerCon took place in Saulheim near Mainz, Germany, from March 20th to March 25th, 2008 (Easter weekend). Following the 2007 EuroRangerCon, they were the second successful Rangerphile convention.

Participants (in the order of arrival)

Tamira (host)



Midnight Man


Meyla a.k.a. Pixie (Owlor's girlfriend)


Mayhem (who brought a Gadget statue)

CrashBurn (who brought a Gadget plushie and an NES with several games, including Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)

Events of the days

March 20

Squeak had come to visit Tamira anyway and arrived on March 13th, but the 2008 EuroRangerCon itself started with the arrival of Sinclair. Midnight Man arrived in the afternoon, and Owlor and Meyla joined in the evening. The day ended with watching The Great Mouse Detective.

March 21

Large parts of the breakfast were filmed by Owlor and Midnight Man on Owlor's camcorder. Around noon, CD arrived early. The guests played a story writing game while Tamira and her mother went to fetch Mayhem and CrashBurn. The latter had brought one of his two Gadget plushies, and the former surprised with a Gadget statue which had slipped past the other Rangerphiles. For late lunch, the Conventioneers headed for a local kebap restaurant. Two movies made up the evening entertainment: The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under.

March 22

The third day started with watching two hours of 80s TV show intros including Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers and other Disney Afternoon shows. Around noon, the Conventioneers had a second breakfast at a nearby café. In the afternoon, the video session went on with 90s TV show intros and Chip 'n Dale's Excellent Adventures. When the latter was finished (and so was a live-action Poke Thread re-enactment), the team left for Mainz where several shops, a fast food restaurant, and an ice cream parlor were visited. Back at Tamira's place, CrashBurn connected his European Nintendo Entertainment System to the TV, and the first Chip 'n Dale NES game was played. After CD managed to finish it within an hour, and although it was already past midnight, the CDRR episodes Battle of the Bulge, The Carpetsnaggers, Parental Discretion Retired, and Dale Beside Himself were played.

March 23

The simultaneous reading of Of Mice and Mayhem by Sinclair on a printout and Midnight Man on his laptop was interrupted by the episode Good Times, Bat Times and the feature-length anime Porco Rosso. CD was the first to leave in the afternoon, so these had to be shown in time. Half an hour later, Mayhem departed. The playing of Adventures in Squirrelsitting, To the Rescue (Part 3), and The Pied Piper Power Play helped overcome the "convention blues" which slowly kicked in.

March 24

Early in the morning, Owlor and Meyla left, followed by Sinclair a few hours later. By noon, the next to head home was Midnight Man, and CrashBurn accompanied him and spent the afternoon in Mainz.

March 25

In the morning, CrashBurn was the last Conventioneer to leave.