Good Times, Bat Times

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Good Times, Bat Times
Screenshot from Good Times, Bat Times
Foxglove hovers above the ground, clutching Dale
Writing credits: Bruce Talkington
First aired: First aired in the US on February 21, 1990
Title reference: Play on the phrase "good times, bad times"
Episode number: 52
Season: 2
Production order: 46
Production number: CDRR 1239
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On a night out at the drive-in, the Rescue Rangers become witnesses of a python and a tarantula stealing the lightbulbs from some light bugs. Trying to stop their evil deeds, they encounter the wannabe witch Winifred for whom these two animals work—and the little bat Foxglove who strives for Winifred's friendship and thus works for her, too. However, Foxglove makes friends with the Rangers and falls heavily for Dale whose life she saves. She joins the Rangers on their action-laden fight against the witch to be and her witchcraft.


The Rescue Rangers


Bud & Lou


Chief Marley


The Ranger Wing

The Bagpipe Express

Dale's Hang Glider


Gadget: This was a wonderful idea, Chip.

Chip: Thanks Gadget, I thought you might enjoy a movie.


Chip: Dale, what do YOU want?

Dale: You guys want any of this stuff I got from the snack bar?

Chip: Just sit back there and watch the movie. If we want something, we'll send you a smoke signal. (to Gadget) Now, where were we...

Dale: (after being rescued by Foxglove) Thanks!

Foxglove: You're very welcome.

Dale: Uh, did'ya get somethin' in your eye?

Foxglove: Only you, big boy!

Dale: I didn't know bats could do this.

Foxglove: Do what, darling?

Dale: Hover around in mid-air like this when they're carrying so much weight.

Foxglove: Uh-oh!

Dale: What?

Foxglove: We can't!

Foxglove: (to Dale, of course) Hiya, cute stuff!

Chip: Any landing you can joke about is a good landing.

Dale: Yeah! And that landing was a joke, all right!

Monty: Gadget luv you've done it again, what ever it is.

Monty: This is getting monotonous.

Foxglove: Hmmm. Good morning, cutie!

Dale: Uh, hi! What are you doing here?

Foxglove: You might say I was just hanging around.

Dale: I can see that! What I want to know is why you're always hangin' around!

Foxglove: I thought perhaps a certain chipmunk might find it in his heart to invite a girl to breakfast.

Dale: Oooooh, you don't want to eat breakfast here!

Foxglove: Why not?

Dale: Well, it's Gadget's turn to cook and everything tastes like machine oil.

Dale (about the others): They think I'm clumsy or somethin'.

Foxglove: (giggles) I can't imagine where they got that idea.

Foxglove: They didn't do anything to you! Why are you doing this?

Winifred: Because I enjoy it! (soaks Foxglove with water from her flying hoover)

Winifred: Don't call me Freddie!


  • Winifred's henchmen Bud and Lou are a parody of Abbot and Costello (Bud and Lou were their first names).
  • Some fans suggest the character of Winifred Sanderson (Bette Midler) from the Disney movie Hocus Pocus (1993) is a reincarnation of the witch of the same forename in this episode. She rides a vacuum cleaner in the episode, a vessel used by Mary Sanderson, one of Winifred's sisters in the movie. Given the fondness of writers to referencing earlier works, it is entirely possible that the movie character is based on her.
  • Many fans suggest that this is the last episode of the series, since the appearance of Foxglove seemed to change team dynamics drastically. As additional proof they state Chip's attempts to take his relationship with Gadget to a higher level.
  • Good Times, Bat Times would be the first episode on the long-expected third US DVD set. Its only official release so far was together with a Darkwing Duck episode on the Witcheroo! VHS tape in 1996.

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