The Pied Piper Power Play

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Nimnul's potato-powered power plant, about to suffer a MELTDOWN!

Writing Credits: Dean Stefan

First Aired: April 23, 1990

Title reference: Alliteration.

Episode Number: 58

Season: 2

Production Number: CDRR 1245


Nimnul is in need of a large power source for his latest plot to take over the world (prove his power by instantly baking all the potatoes in Idaho. However, the power company cuts off his electricity for non-payment. He develops an alternative means for power.

Meanwhile, Monty leaves HQ to snag some cheese. He and two other mice are suddenly put in a trance by a sound and march away. After Monty doesn't check in, the other Rangers are visited by Mouseo who lets them know that other mice have marched away in a trance. The Rangers investigate and follow Monty's trail to Nimnul's lab. Along the way, Gadget removes earplugs she was wearing and falls into the trance. At the lab, Monty and the other mice are forced to run in wheels to generate electricity for Nimnul.

The chipmunks and fly make it to the lab. Although they open the cages, the mice remain in a trance. Dale attempts to bend them to his will, but Nimnul is stronger and Dale manages to hypnotize himself into obeying Nimnul. Chip and Zipper break the trance on Dale and Gadget. Gadget then plans to overload the power system by having all the mice run as fast as possible. Chip sabotages the hypnotizing machine so the trance is removed. The Rangers then convince all the mice to run. Zipper forces the relief valve closed and Nimnul's energy accumulator goes into meltdown. The Rangers free the other mice, use potatoes to dampen the force of the meltdown, and safely avoid the explosion.


The Rescue Rangers

Professor Norton Nimnul


Kirby & Muldoon


Interstate Electrical Hookup (supposedly bakes all the potatoes in Idaho)

Mouse Hypnotizer

Energy Accumulator


Nimnul: Called me mad. Me? Mad? Ha! A little angry maybe, but not mad.

Dale: (examining Monty's toothpick) Hmm. It's made of petrified rosewood. And it's engraved M. J. I got it! It belongs to Moonwalk Jackson. I knew this case was gonna be a thriller!

Gadget: I can't hear a word you guys are saying! (removes earplugs) It was better with the plugs in.


  • There are apparently two different levers that open the cage doors of the rodents.
  • It is not clear why Nimnul is arrested at the end of the episode.
  • In some broadcasts, the character Mouseo is completely cut from the show.