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"Golly, -phile is such a harsh suffix!" -Traditional Rangerphile board signature

Rangerphile is a term used to denote a devoted fan of the Rescue Rangers. Oftentimes people can refer to their own Rangerphilia, which is their level of devotion to the show and/or the fandom.

Similar terms are used to describe fans of specific characters, such as a Gadgephile (or Gadgetphile), a Foxyphile or even a Montyphile. The term itself is believed to have originated in the earliest days of the fandom in the very early 1990's. One of the very first to use the term, if not the actual originator of the term, was Ms. Natasha Kashefipour.

The term Rangerphile itself is widely regarded in the fandom as a "tongue-in-cheek" or humorous self-explanation of the strong devotion that the members of the small but vibrant community feels for their show and for the works of other Rangerphiles.

Inside the community itself the term Rangerphile has no clear definition, and has come to be used in various ways:

  • The most liberal use of the term Rangerphile applies it to anyone who has an interest in the show or the fan based works that have come from the community.
  • A moderate use of the term Rangerphile applies it to those with more than a casual interest in the series, that being someone who exists inside the Rangerdom and who contributes ideas, artwork, or writings. This is the most frequently used definition with the Rescue Rangers fan community.
  • The most conservative use of the term Rangerphile applies it to those of highest note and strongest presence in the Rangerdom. This is the least used application of the term, and it is always used by someone speaking of another, as though attempting to use it as a title. It is interesting to note that those who most frequently use the term Rangerphile this way are usually individuals who are new to the fandom. Over time they themselves become part of the Rangerdom and begin to use the more moderate definition of the term.

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