The Untold Ranger Tales

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The Untold Ranger Tales is a series of novels by Indy & Chris Silva written from 2000 to 2003. It consists of ten parts and there are totally 706,975 words in all parts together (as the figure in the very end of the 10th part states). It was the first and remains the only collection of epic Dale+Gadget stories. It is set in the parallel Rangerverse in which the episode "Good Times, Bat Times" never happened, but Foxglove is nevertheless around.

List of stories


2002 Golden Acorn Awards (SPOILERS BLANKED): Best Plot Twist (US) for Gadget’s true parentage, Best Prose, Best Character Interaction (US) for Chip and Lahwhinie, Best Original Male Character (US) for Uncle Bedivere Fairmont, Best Romance, Best Story


In 2009 Indy & Chris Silva wrote The Untold Ranger Tales Authors' Commentary: A Look Back at the URT - a series of articles formatted as Director’s Commentaries describing the thought process and backstory of creating the URT.

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