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Lahwhinie is a mouse who lives somewhere in Hawaii. She has a strong physical resemblance to Gadget Hackwrench.

Canonical Information


Lahwhinie is a female mouse. In terms of appearance, she only differs from Gadget in the following ways:
  • Her clothing.
  • She wears make-up (at least eye shadow) as a rule.
  • Her facial expression often borders upon (or reaches) a leer.

Lahwhinie also tends to wear a flower in her hair, but Gadget has also been known to do this.


She is manipulative and ambitious; quite willing to put some innocent rodents in deadly danger rather than lose her coveted chance at being Queen of the tribe she lives with.

Episode and Role

Lahwhinie appeared in only one episode, Gadget Goes Hawaiian.

She is adored by her Hawaiian tribe of mice, due to her ability to cease the imminent eruption of a nearby man-made model volcano. In reality, she had simply discovered the mechanism (depicted as a valve of some sort) which disables the volcano, and built her hut around it. She has used this to gain power over the tribe.

The next step in her path to complete power over "her" tribe is to become Queen. In order to do this, she must first undergo a series of tests.

After a chance meeting, Lahwhinie convinces Gadget to face her trials in her place. So as not to alert the rest of the Rescue Rangers, she pretends to be Gadget.


There has long been a debate among Rangerphiles as to the official spelling of Lahwhinie's name. Even official products released by Disney disagree on her exact name. According to the CDRR Presskit, it is "Lahwhinie". The closed-captioning on a VHS tape of Gadget Goes Hawaiian says "Louwhiney". The subtitles on the episode on the Volume 2 DVD set say "Lawhinie". There have been numerous other spellings of her name created by fanfic authors.

Accepted Fan Fiction Conventions

Lahwhinie is often assumed to be related to Gadget in some way; sister or half-sister in many cases. This is possibly due to both of them being practically twins in appearance, as well as to fans taking a comment Lahwhinie makes at one point in the episode, about her and Gadget being "like sisters", and extending it into an actual kinship.