Little Dreamer, Big Dreams

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Writing credits: Indy & Chris Silva

Written: 2001

First released: April 13th, 2001

Title reference: Reference to Theo's dreams of becoming a Rescue Ranger

Continuity: Fourth story in The Untold Ranger Tales series, preceded by Dreams At The Crossroads and followed by Dreams Divided

Length: 72,701 words (the complete work); 11 chapters + epilogue

Rating: Dr. Indy rates this story high PG "for some suggestive content and a couple of intensive situations." [1]


Picking up immediately where the previous episode finished, this story tells us about the latest developments in life of the Rescue Rangers. They include the life of Lawhinie in her newly found family, progress in Zipper's and Queenie's relationships and the search for Foxglove's family, during which she and Chip meet young chipmunk Jake Stone, a big fan of Rescue Rangers and Chip in particular, who's going to play a major part in their quest and life as a whole.

Important Characters

Canonical (CDRR)

The Rescue Rangers






Mrs. Squirrel as Donna Chesnutt

Kirby & Muldoon

Sergeant Spinelli

Professor Norton Nimnul (mentioned)

Fat Cat (mentioned)



Eva Raboga

Galahad Fairmont

Daisy Fairmont

Bedivere Fairmont

Roger Maplewood

Jennifer Maplewood

Theo a.k.a 'Jake Stone'

Princess Valeria


Madilyn Algood

Dr. Batorious

Rob Roybrush


The Ranger Wing

The Ranger Plane

Nimnul's Modemizer

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