I'm Dreaming of a Rangery Christmas

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Writing credits: Indy & Chris Silva

Written: 2001

First released: December 21, 2001

Title reference: Reference to the Christmas time the story is set in

Continuity: Seventh story in The Untold Ranger Tales series, preceded by It's Not a Dream, Detective and followed by Something Old, Something New: Deadly Dreams and Paradise

Length: 61,769 words (the complete work); 22 chapters + prologue and epilogue

Rating: Dr. Indy rates this story PG "for suggestive situations." [1]


Christmas comes and it's time to look back at the year that was, and more so for Rescue Rangers whose lives changed pretty significantly and in various ways. It's time for presents and joy, for meeting old acquaintances and welcoming the newcomers, for memories and prospects for the future, for pleasant surprises and even for some stunning revelations...

Important Characters

Canonical (CDRR)

The Rescue Rangers






Mrs. Squirrel as Donna Chesnutt

Cheddarhead Charlie

Camembert Kate


Eva Raboga


Noel Maplewood

Roger Maplewood

Jennifer Maplewood

Sean Maplewood

Katherine Maplewood (mentioned)

Bedivere Fairmont

Galahad Fairmont

Daisy Fairmont

Dr. Mavel

Colby Erskine

Princess Valeria


Rob Roybrush

Oscar Chesnutt

Madilyn Algood

Mrs. Pendergast


The Ranger Wing

The Ranger Plane


In Dreams Divided Tammy's father is mentioned as 'Carlton', while in this and following stories his name is 'Oscar'

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