Little Bright Star - A Ranger Tale Of New York

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Writing credits: Midnight Man

Written: October 22 to December 31, 2008

First released: December 22 to 31, 2008

Title reference: Play on two Christmas song titles, Little Bright Star and Fairytale Of New York.

Continuity: Midnight Man's Rangerverse. Follows A Matter Of Time and precedes Chipper's Angels in writing order, precedes First Date chronologically.

Length: 8,103 (text only), 8,126 (the entire work); three chapters

Rating: PG


It is December 1988, and the Rescue Rangers are going to celebrate their first Christmas together. In fact, it is the first Christmas for Gadget since she lost her father. But even at that time of the year, crime does not sleep. Weird occurrences in the park alarm the Rangers. But they have to go and investigate without their only female team member.

Important Characters


The Rescue Rangers

Sergeant Spinelli

Officer Kirby

Officer Muldoon

Stan Blather

Norton Nimnul



The Ranger Plane


The Microwave Adaptive Range Christmas Obliterator (M.A.R.C.O.)

The Super Extremely Unadhesive Soft Soap (S.E.U.S.S.)

Important Locations

Rescue Rangers Headquarters


Little Bright Star was published almost exactly 20 years after its own events.

It is one of the few Rescue Rangers fanfics with multiple chapters in which neither Tammy nor Foxglove appear. In fact, this story is completely devoid of one-shot characters as well as original characters with names.

Not only the title plays on two Christmas songs, but so do two of the three chapter titles. Besides, the name of the S.E.U.S.S. is inspired by the author of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Arkham, Massachusetts is a fictional town from H.P. Lovecraft's written works.


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