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Writing credits: Midnight Man

Written: May 23 to September 13, 2006

First released: September 8 to 13, 2006; again, one chapter a day.

Title reference: The title simply sums up the main part of the story. As an alternative, First Rendez-vous (after a piece of music by J. M. Jarre) has been considered, but this name has not been used in the final version.

Continuity: Earliest story in Midnight Man's Rangerverse. Precedes all other stories in the universe.

Length: 10,900 words (the whole work), 10,869 words (the story text only); six chapters

Rating: All ages

First Date was the second of three parallel works to be released in late summer 2006. It was also the first fanfic ever published on the short-lived Rescue Rangers Headquarters story board as a birthday present for Live2dream. The story is almost entirely told from Chip's point of view, albeit in third person.


1990, about four weeks after the events of Good Times, Bat Times: The love triangle between Chip, Dale and Gadget is broken up since Foxglove has taken Dale out of it. Chip has realized this when the Rescue Rangers went on a night out without Dale because he had a date with Foxglove. Furthermore, he realizes that his way to Gadget's heart seems to be free, now that the competition between the chipmunks is gone. So he takes the next step and asks Gadget for a date which is a lot easier said than done and requires some encouragement from his best friend Dale.

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