A Matter Of Time

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Writing credits: Midnight Man

Written: May 11, 2007 to December 31, 2009/January 1, 2010

First released: May 10, 2008 to December 31, 2009/January 1, 2010

Title reference: The story deals with time in several ways.

Continuity: Midnight Man's Rangerverse. Follows Diamonds In The Desert.

Length: 15,238 (text only), 15,275 (the entire work); 6 chapters

Rating: PG


While the original five Rescue Rangers are on their sixth case in a row, Foxglove, Tammy and LaWahini find an unconscious mouse in the river. They rescue him and take him to the Headquarters. He cannot let them know where he came from and how he got where they found him, though. But soon he discovers that he has to fill one of the Rangers in because a danger only he can get them out of.

Important Characters


The Rescue Rangers






Rat Capone

Arnold Mousenegger

Sugar Ray Lizard

Stan Blather





The Ranger Plane

The Ranger Wing

Important Locations

Rescue Rangers Headquarters


A Matter Of Time was dedicated to Deborah Walley, the voice of Foxglove and Lahwhinie. The work on it began one day after the anniversary of her passing, and the first chapter was published in time for the anniversary the following year.

It is connected to time in another unusual way, for it might be the only Rescue Rangers fanfic completed between two decades. When the author finished and posted the last chapters, it was the 2010s where he lived (Germany) and the 2000s where he posted them (USA). Despite the delay in his time zone, he allowed the story to enter the 2009 Golden Acorn Awards.

Four of the six chapters were published at the Acorn Cafe from New Year's Eve 2009 to New Year's Day 2010, and most of the sixth chapter was written that night. It is not, however, Midnight Man's only fanfic completed on New Year's Eve—Dinner For One Mouse went from an idea to a complete script within a few hours on New Year's Eve 2007.

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