Diamonds In The Desert

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Writing credits: Midnight Man

Written: February 5, 2007 to December 29, 2008

First released: November 23, 2007 to December 29, 2008

Title reference: The story is about diamonds, and part of it take place in a desert.

Continuity: Midnight Man's Rangerverse. Follows Last Date and precedes A Matter Of Time.

Length: 87,325 (text only), 87,900 (the entire work); preface + 36 chapters

Rating: PG


LaWahini, being a Rescue Ranger herself now, pulls off a case on her own: She keeps Fat Cat from stealing a diamond from an exhibition by taking it herself. This leads the Metropolitan Squirrel Squad, a group of crime-fighting squirrels, to believe that the Rescue Rangers have changed sides. The team of small heroes soon find themselves not only in trouble but also in the middle of a case bigger than they expected, for there are thirteen more gems similar to the diamond, and someone is after the whole set.

Important Characters


The Rescue Rangers





Fat Cat

Fat Cat's Henchmen

Sergeant Spinelli

Officer Kirby

Officer Muldoon

The Greatest Spy in the World


Louie and Moe

Norton Nimnul


Chief Derek Chesnutt

The Metropolitan Squirrel Squad

Allan Capone




Melissa Mayfield


Todd's parents

Legacy Characters




Dale's Hang Glider

The Suction Cup Shoes

The Plunger Crossbow

The Ranger Plane

The Ranger Wing

Dale's Super Spy Gear


Todd's PDA

The Nimnul Laser Cannon 14

Important Locations

Rescue Rangers Headquarters

Versailles Palace, Las Vegas


The story was originally planned to be an Aces Go Places-style slapstick comedy named Mouse Mission. It was a viewing of the movie Mission: Impossible that had the author reconsider and go for something bigger and more serious, and Mouse Mission became the title of one of the chapters. Another working title was All That Glitter.

Chapter 34, Night Mission, was named after one of bock's car's aircraft. Another seven chapters got names inspired by movies.

Two parodies were written for Diamonds In The Desert. The first one is the theme song by the same name, and the second one is The Chipmunk Divine which is even embedded in the story itself and part of the plot.


2007 Golden Acorn Awards: Best Use of a One-Shot Series Characters (Foxglove, Sparky, and Lahwhinie)

2008 Golden Acorn Awards: Best Original Female Character for Melissa (tied with Ms. Emily from Heart by Saraggle91)

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