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Crossover Rangers is a fan fiction series and system introduced by CCC which allows for crossing Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers over with just about anything.

It started with Spin Me A Ranger Tale in which Norton Nimnul uses a ray gun to send the tree the Rescue Rangers live in into the universe of TaleSpin together with the Rangers themselves, and Foxglove is drawn with them after she is hit by the ray, too. There they have a case or a problem to solve, and once they have accomplished that, the tree jumps into another universe.

The Concept

The Crossover Rangers concept is defined as follows:

  • The Rescue Rangers can be crossed over with whatever the author wants (preferably as long as it doesn't go beyond a PG rating because the stories would be posted at the Acorn Cafe). The universe doesn't even have to fit the Rangers as long as a story can be written about it, and as long as entering and leaving the universe with a tree works as an explanation.
  • Every story must be a crossover with exactly one universe.
  • There has to be one case for the Rangers to solve.
  • The Rangers always enter the universe in their tree and leave it again when their case is solved; the tree doesn't wait for them for long.
  • One of the Rangers always enters the universe outside the tree, held by Foxglove. This is not necessarily Dale.
  • One of the Rangers always leaves the universe outside the tree, held by Foxglove. This has to be neither Dale nor the character who entered the universe with Foxglove.
  • Said Ranger outside the tree can only taken with Foxglove if at least 75% are covered by her wings, so Monterey Jack cannot travel with Foxglove.
  • The Rangers themselves have not been hit by Nimnul's ray, only the tree and Foxglove have, so in order to change universes, they have to be inside the Headquarters, or Foxglove has to hold them.
  • With the exception of Spin Me A Ranger Tale which is the first story in the series, all other stories are to be written in a way that they are fully exchangeable and can be read in any order. This means that stories after Spin Me A Ranger Tale must not reference each other.
  • The only canonical characters from Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers are the Rangers themselves and Foxglove. No other character tagged along with them, so no other character can be written in.

According to CCC, other parallel Crossover Rangers series in which another character, such as Tammy or Lahwhinie, would travel with the Rangers, are thinkable; however, these will be impossible to combine with the original story.

Crossover Rangers stories

Title Author Crossover with Character entering with Foxglove Character leaving with Foxglove
Spin Me A Ranger Tale CCC TaleSpin (None) Dale