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Fan fiction

A Mary Sue/Gary Stu Story

This story started from the basic question - can one include a blatant Mary Sue character (there's two of them) without messing up the whole story?

Quantum Mechanic

A crossover between CDRR and Quantum Leap; a sequel to the above story. Sam leaps into Gadget (luckily for him, he leapt into the only ranger who habitually wears pants) and tries to save the city; made trickier when Lawhinie makes an appearance and he finds himself without the help of the other Rangers.

The Copper Capone Caper

After the deal made with Lawhinie in Quantum Mechanic, the Rangers find themselves temporarily forced into a - somewhat shaky - alliance with someone who does not exactly have their best interests at heart. (I'll admit, I thought the challenge of a completely unrepentant Lawhinie forced to work with rather than against the Rangers was... intruiging). Their first case together involves finding the missing Shaka Baka.


Robert Louie Steven's son has been kidnapped, and he's been calling in every detective agency he could find! But only one agency has any chance of finding the poor little boy in time... and Fat Cat's ready for them.

The Counterfeit Cheese Conspiracy

Cheese across the city is being stolen from locked warehouses, replaced with a stinky green goo. But all is not as it seems, as Monty is in a position to point out...

A Lass in a Lamp

Just because I can't resist certain challenges, this particular case is a sequel to the original episode A Lad in a Lamp. Lawhinie gets hold of the magic lamp...

Fractured Mirror

When a parallel Tammy from another universe turns up in Ranger Headquarters, the Rangers find themselves mixed up in an interdimensional criminal chase... and, at the same time, find the answer to the question "Why was Tammy never seen since that one case?"

Fly on the Wall

Lawhinie finds an advert in a newspaper offering a reward for information leading to the recovery of some missing jewels. Unfortunately, the jewel thief has an unexpected ally... unexpected even by the thief himself...

The Tale of the Trojan Teddybears

Someone has stolen a little girl's teddybear. The Rangers are on the case as soon as they hear about it...

Mirror Image

For the first time, Foxglove appears in one of my fanfics. Of course, that means I've got to answer the question of where she was in all the other fanfics I've written...

Driving Miss Crazy

The case is theft again, but this time what is being stolen is cars... a short fic, only four chapters and a prologue.

Shattered Mirror

Nightbloom returns, and attempts to shatter the Rangers; meanwhile, the mirror universe faces an even more severe problem...

Murphy's Law

Murphy Roths Large, a lab mouse with a unique talent, is captured by Rat Capone.

The Gadgidla's Return

The Rangers have finally managed to put together enough money to purchase the Gadgidla diamond (thanks, in part, to a slump in world diamond prices arranged by Nimnul); marking the end of the deal Chip arranged with Lawhinie back in Quantum Mechanic.

Spin Me A Ranger Tale

In a completely different continuity to all the author's prior stories, the Rangers find themselves sent into an alternate universe by Professor Nimnul... an alternate universe where the Sea Duck flies. (A Rescue Rangers/TaleSpin crossover)

Spin Me A Ranger Tale was the first Crossover Rangers story.

Strangers in the Night

A collaboration with Stainless Steel Rat; Chip meets a very different set of Rangers.

The Mouse's Tale

A response to a certain image caption.