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An artist's impression of the Albacore at sea
The S.R.V. Albacore is a submarine built by Widget Hackwrench to take revenge upon the Rescue Rangers. Commanded by Kapitänleutnant Jürgen, it is featured in Under the Bridge and Sovereign by John Nowak and mentioned in Icarus by the same author.


The Submersible Research Vessel Albacore was designed and built by Widget. She used it to sink the cruise ship Minuscule as part of an elaborate plan to exact revenge upon her sister Gadget for the abuse she suffered in the past. The boat was later leased by a team of rodent archaeologists for studying the lost culture of the Rats of Atlantis.


The Albacore is built out of a hot water heater, with welded bow and stern. It is described as being roughly the size of a torpedo, with Sovereign specifying the overall length of 20ft and diameter of 3ft. This is remarkably large for a rodent-sized vessel, especially a submarine.

The power plant consists of a Nimnul Generator, which is capable of producing large amounts of static electricity and allows Albacore to operate for months without the need to return to port, and a single radiothermal generator capable of providing 5kts of speed during silent running. Thrust is provided by a single pump-jet[1] engine, capable of propelling the vessel also in reverse. The Albacore is mentioned to be capable of top underwater speed of 25kts.

Like a conventional submarine, the Albacore has two sets of rudders for depth control in addition to ballast tanks, which can be filled with compressed air (blown) for emergency surface maneuver.

Immediately before the events of Under the Bridge, the Albacore has been equipped with a stolen, fully retractable gastroscope for visual reconnaissance through narrow water ducts such as waste water pipes. It is used to spy on the Rangers through their kitchen sink.


  • 4 sets of saw blades running along the bow up to the bridge, which can be used to rupture the enemy ship's hull by ramming
  • 10 vertical launch tubes for cluster anti-air missiles; can be used to deploy single-mouse observation pods
  • 3 bow torpedo tubes in the port torpedo room; 11 torpedoes magazine
  • 3 bow torpedo tubes in the starboard torpedo room; 11 torpedoes magazine
  • 1 bow torpedo tube in bow torpedo room; 6 torpedoes magazine
  • 1 aft torpedo tube in stern torpedo room; 6 torpedoes magazine

Each torpedo is 1ft long with a diameter of .75in. There are four types of torpedoes carried:

  • Fox: .50 caliber Anti-Armor warhead
  • Tango: 12Ga cluster for shattering wooden boats
  • Delta: Decoy (The stern torpedo room had only these)
  • Hotel: Acoustic homing
  • a single unique ice-inducing warhead, designed to create a relatively small iceberg upon detonation. It was used only once and it is unknown if more has ever been constructed.


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