Midnight At The Café

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Writing credits: Midnight Man

Written: Started in the middle of May, 2006, and ended on April 1, 2006.

First released: The five chapters were released at the Acorn Cafe independently on May 19, 21, 26, 30, and April 1, 2006.

Title reference: The title refers to both the main character and the time he arrives at the Acorn Cafe.

Continuity: Midnight At The Café was the first story written in the self-insertion subset of Midnight Man's Rangerverse. It takes place immediately after the first half of A Little Story Of Midnight And Dawn and two weeks before the second half.

Length: 9,812 words (the whole work), 9,778 words (the story text only); five chapters

Rating: All ages

Midnight At The Café is a vaguely Acorn Cafe Adventure-like fan fiction. Following the example of some other Rangerphiles, Midnight Man wrote a self-introducing fanfic for the Acorn Cafe. After a first draft which was written on March 5, 2006, but discarded soon after, the work on the longest non-round robin self-introduction so far started around the middle of the month.


While Midnight Man has joined the fandom at midnight CET, his self-insertion character, Midnight, steps into the famous Acorn Cafe for the first time at midnight local time. He meets a handful of Rangerphiles that night who invite him to come back the next day to have breakfast. Besides, after they have found out that he is a musician, they ask him to bring his instruments and play.

So he does—the next morning, he is back at the Cafe, bringing his instruments—a set of synthesizers—and not only meeting even more Rangerphiles, but also the Rescue Rangers themselves plus Foxglove and Tammy. But Gadget's reaction on meeting him for the first time makes some problems concerning the future occur, and it is his duty to get things right.

Important Characters


The Rescue Rangers



Inserted Rangerphile Characters





Mr. Spumoni


Gwendolyn Katsche

Dr. Indy



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