A Little Story Of Midnight And Dawn

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Writing credits: Midnight Man

Written: Early spring to September 30, 2007

First released: June 17 to September 30, 2007

Title reference: A play on the names of the two main characters.

Continuity: Self-insertion subset of Midnight Man's Rangerverse. Written around Midnight At The Café.

Length: 10,698 words (the whole work), 10,676 words (the story text only); 4 chapters

Rating: All ages

A Little Story Of Midnight And Dawn consists of two parts of two chapters each. The first half gives more details about how and why Midnight, the author's self-insertion character, came to the USA. It ends when Midnight At The Café starts. The second half takes place two weeks later and introduces Dawn.


After finding out that the Rescue Rangers are real, and that there is a place in New York City where their fans gather, the mouse guy later known as Midnight leaves his old home in Germany and travels to the USA. The journey is not easy for a small rodent, but he finds out it was worth it.

Two weeks pass, and he is an established Acorn Cafe patron, but he is still commuting between Germany and the USA. Then, while spring starts to win over the long and cold winter, he encounters a beautiful mouse girl in a nearby park.

Important Characters


The Rescue Rangers


Inserted Rangerphile Characters


Dr. Indy



Several not explicitly named Rangerphiles




Dawn van Zant

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A Little Story Of Midnight And Dawn at the Acorn Cafe, interrupted by readers' comments