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Writing credits: Midnight Man

Written: May 25 to October 3, 2006

First released: September 16 to October 3, 2006; again, one chapter a day with the exception of September 26 when the story release took a break and the song parody Don't Cry For Me Little Gadget was posted instead. Lost And Found was published at the Acorn Cafe and Chip 'n Dale Online simultaneously.

Title reference: The title describes what happened to the members of the Hackwrench family.

Continuity: Midnight Man's Rangerverse. Preceded by Too Huge To Be True, followed by Last Date.

Length: 44,000 words (the whole work), 43,884 words (the story text only); 17 chapters + preface

Rating: PG

The author came up with the idea of Lost And Found even before he started writing Too Huge To Be True. One of the most tempting challenges for a Ranger fanfic writer is creating a backstory for Gadget, and the ideas came to him shortly after he had joined the Ranger fandom. Long before a word was written, the project went through several working titles such as The Hackwrench Saga, but the Meat Loaf song Midnight At The Lost And Found finally brought the inspiration to what is the title today. On May 25, Midnight Man started writing what he always expected to be outstanding among his fanfics, despite already working on A Hero That's None and First Date.


In November 1986, Gadget lost her father, Geegaw, in a plane crash. At least she believes so. Almost exactly 20 years later, while she still mourns him, Zipper discovers well-alive Geegaw at his and Gadget's old place in the bomber plane. The Rescue Rangers meet up with him and take him to the Headquarters where he tells them that the reason why he has come back explains why he has staged his own death long ago. The Rangers join him on his mission which takes them not only through space, but in a certain sense through time as well...

Important Characters


The Rescue Rangers


Geegaw Hackwrench


Hubba Hubba

Shaka Baka


Stephanie Wheatfield Hackwrench

Captain Nicholas Stewart

Vincent van Thomas


Geoffrey and Gerald de Witte

Jeannine Jameson

The St. Mary's Staff

Dr. Phoebe Maplewood



The Ranger Plane

The Ranger Wing

The Plunger Harpoon

The Magno-Ray



Important Locations

Rescue Rangers Headquarters

The National Institute for Mental Health

External Links

Lost And Found at the Acorn Cafe, interrupted by readers' comments