A Hero That's None

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Writing credits: Midnight Man

Written: May 22 to August 31, 2006

First released: September 1, 2006, 12:00 am (Acorn Cafe server time). Originally, it was scheduled to be published together with its successor, Lost And Found. But Midnight Man decided against this and in favor of releasing it on his half-anniversary at midnight. The entire story was released at once.

Title reference: Midnight doesn't regard himself as a hero, no matter what he does.

Continuity: Self-insertion subset of Midnight Man's Rangerverse. Follows A Little Story Of Midnight And Dawn.

Length: 25,578 words (the whole work), 25,517 words (the story text only); 10 chapters

Rating: PG (I'm careful with the showdown. Correct this if I'm too careful.)

The main purpose of A Hero That's None was to send Midnight, the author's self-insertion character, through a more Ranger-like adventure. The working process started on May 22, and the story was finished the evening before its release on the Acorn Cafe's story board.


To make seeing the Rescue Rangers and their fans easier, Midnight has moved to New York City and found a simple dwelling-place opposite the meeting-place of the famous Cola Cult. One day, the Cult appears to be quieter than usual, and Midnight finds out that it has to do with Rat Capone who is about to enslave the whole Cult. Nevertheless, he tries to keep himself out of this case as far as he can. He alerts the Rangers—not by telling them, but by leaving anonymous hints for them. He then concentrates on the more beautiful things in life and sees a mouse girl he has met shortly before he moved. But this case won't leave him in peace...

Important Characters


The Rescue Rangers




Pop Top

The Cola Cult

Rat Capone

Rat Capone's Henchmen

Inserted Rangerphile Characters







Dr. Indy

Patchwork Hail


bock's car

Several not explicitly named Rangerphiles


Franklin van Zant

Suzanne Wheatfield van Zant

Dawn van Zant



The Ranger Plane

The Ranger Wing

Dale's Hang Glider

The Rangermobile

The Ranger Skate and the Bagpipe Express are mentioned but not used.


The Storm

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