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Here you can find a bit of information about Toni's RR-related creations. For additional info, visit his user page.

Fan Art

Toni likes to doodle a lot, so he has created his fair share of pictures. Themes and characters vary, but here are some of the more "important" ones:

Fantasy Ranger series

These pictures are set in a fictional fantasy-RPG theme and depict the Rangers as variations of classes commonly known from this type of game.

Examples include Chip the Paladin, Monty the Barbarian or Tammy the White Mage.

Tammy the Assassin series

Started as a variation of the Fantasy Ranger theme, this series currently has only a few pics, but more are planned to come.

Comic Strips

From time to time, Toni posts small b/w comic strips at the Acorn Cafe, depicting scenes from the Rangers' everyday life (some of which were inspired by fanfics, funny situations in the cartoon or events in the Cafe).

Sprites and smilies

Being the pixel artist that he is, Toni created sprite sheets of the Rangers, which started as enhancements from the NES-game but have grown to include additional poses and animations, assorted other characters and Fat Cat's gang.

In a very similar vein, Toni created the first bunch of Ranger related smilies for the Acorn Cafe. Since then, the smilies have pretty much taken a life of their own, with animated ones made by other people and, for a long time, appearances in many CDRR related forums except the one they were originally made for. The smilies finally became an official part of the Cafe when it received a software update in August 2007.


Toni is also responsible of some of the graphics for the RR-Adventure game which is made by Jeff Parkes.

He isn't that much of a fursona artist, in fact, the only fursona he ever drew was AndY in a picture together with Tammy. However, he is probably the artist who created the most drawings of Astrid.

Fan Fiction

New Rescue Ranger Adventures

This series consists the amazing amount of two whole stories, or more precisely, chapter one ("The Good, the Mad and the Dale") and chapter three ("The day Chip didn't die").

It's based directly (although somewhat loosely) on the series and is meant as a continuation of sorts.

This series also spawned universe #2 which has yet to play any significant role (unlikely as it is, judging from the lack of any new fanfics lately).

Other Fan Creations

The Gadget KiSS doll

A small dress-up doll of Gadget. Includes most of her outfits seen in the show, some suggestions from the Acorn Cafe members and additional random stuff.

The Gadget window sitter

This enables Gadget to sit around on program windows, watching you while you work.

It needs the OtakuMascot-program (found at to run.

The Future...?

The Foxglove minigame

Toni's current boredom project. Play as Foxglove through various levels to rescue her beloved chipmunk from the claws of his evil kidnappers.

This project is currently on hold though, and it's unclear if it will ever be finished...

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