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Toni is a regular member at The Acorn Cafe. He's known for posting a lot of art and creating various so-called "boredom projects".

Rangery works


Toni is known for drawing a lot of pictures of various characters and has a gallery at "the Rescue Ranger Database". Most of these pictures just show one or more characters in simple poses, but he also made a small collection of comic strips.

Toni also edited sprites from the CDRR NES-games and created additional characters and poses from scratch. He also created the original (inanimate) smilies for The Acorn Cafe.

He won many art-related Golden Acorns from the year 2005 and is quite proud of that. :)


Toni created two whole fanfiction stories: "The Good, the Mad and the Dale" and "The day Chip didn't die", which are the chapters 1 and 3 respectively of his "New Rescue Ranger Adventures" series.

That's right, he never made a second chapter and it's unknown if he ever manages to make one.

Boredom Projects

Toni created the "Gadget Window Sitter" and the "Gadget KiSS Doll", which can be downloaded from his homepage.

His current boredom project is a minigame based on Foxglove. Will it ever be finished? Only time will tell. ;)

Other works

Toni likes to pretend that he's a creative person and created various pictures, sprites, horrible midis, small games and kamishibai (a special artform suitable for telling stories with pictures, animation and music), among other things, a lot of which can be found at his homepage or in his DevArt-Account.