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Montyphile (fan of Monterey Jack) and a moderator of the Acorn Cafe.


Jeff Parkes joined the Acorn Cafe and the ranks of the active Rangerphiles in September of 1999, after rediscovering the Rangers on a trip to Disneyland the month before. He hadn't seen an episode in years, although he managed to tape one from the Disney Channel before CDRR got yanked off the air there at the end of August '99. Since then he has been a regular at the Cafe (minus two years (2002-2003) during which he served as a missionary in Spain for his church), and was even made a moderator in August of 2005 by Dr. Indy. Jeff was also voted "Most Helpful Rangerphile" in the 2005 Golden Acorn Awards.

Web sites and other contributions to the fan community

World Association of Montyphiles

Perhaps Jeff's most famous contribution to the community is the World Association of Montyphiles!, or "WAM!" for short. This was started in 2001 to recognize the rotund rodent Monterey Jack. Up to that point, little attention had been paid to him in the fan community, with most of the focus on the 'munks, Gadget, and one-shots such as Foxglove and Tammy. While Monterey Jack still hasn't gained nearly the popularity of the aforementioned characters, WAM! has done much to forward his cause. More about Jeff's opinion of Monterey Jack as well as some fan art and fiction featuring Monty can be found at the home page.

WAM! also received a 2005 Golden Acorn Award for "Best Website Layout."

Rescue Ranger Adventure

Rescue Ranger Adventure is an adventure game based on the style of the old Sierra games such as King's Quest. Chip somehow gets sent into space and it's up to him to uncover the mystery of why, while Gadget and the rest of the Rangers work to get him home. Jeff is programming the game using the Adventure Game Studio, created by Chris Jones. Artwork has been done by various people, including Toni and Candy Goldstein.

Rescue Ranger Adventure is a work in progress, but a demo of the game can be found at its home page.

The RR Poll

The RR Poll was begun by Julie Bihn sometime soon before July of 1998. After a while of taking a weekly poll, she decided it was too much work and handed the reins over to Jeff in August of 2000, who kept it running for a year before his missionary service, and for another year and a half after he returned home. It was basically disbanded, however, in February of 2006, due to the polling features of the phpbb board of the new Cafe rendering it obsolete. Although the poll has been disbanded, all the results of previous polls from both Jeff's and Julie's eras can be found at its page.

Other Works

Although Jeff isn't an artist, nor much of a writer, he has put his brain to work to create a few other fan works, including some 3D "Magic Eye"-type pics, a RR-themed word search, a tongue-in-cheek self-insertion fanfic, a Gadget Screenmate, and a few other random things. Also, since Jeff is a musician, he has penned a few remixes and other pieces of RR-related music. Most of this material can be found on his "Other Works" page.

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