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Here you will find articles on fan-created games based around the Rescue Ranger universe.

Fan games combine Fan Fiction, Fan Animation and other disciplines into a single endeavor.

Rescue Ranger Adventure

Rescue Ranger Adventure is an adventure game based on the style of the old Sierra games such as King's Quest. Chip somehow gets sent into space and it's up to him to uncover the mystery of why, while Gadget and the rest of the Rangers work to get him home. Programming is being done by Jeff Parkes using the Adventure Game Studio, created by Chris Jones. Artwork has been done by various people, including Toni and Candy Goldstein.

Rescue Ranger Adventure is a work in progress, but a demo of the game can be found at its home page.

The Foxglove Minigame

The Foxglove minigame is being created by Toni.

The Rescue Rangers Text Adventure

pupspals is working on a text adventure about the Rescue Rangers.