2010 Golden Screw-Nut Awards

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The 2010 Golden Screw-Nut Awards ceremonies took place on May 8th, 2011, starting at ca. 5:00 PM (GMT).

The text part of the ceremony was written by Prapor.

This time the ceremony takes place in the Happy Tom Cat Food Factory, with Stan Blather as the presenter and the characters from the show and the Russian CDRR Headquarters as the supporting cast.

Best Artwork

Best Monochrome Image (with pencils/pens/soft-tip pens/paint): Driven Crazy!![1] by Lord of Darkness

Further nominees:

Best Colored Image (with pencils/pens/soft-tip pens/paint): Gadget[40] by Lisa

Further nominees:

  • The Mountaneers[41] by Colonel Spigot
  • The Mountaneers[42] by Alex_fox
  • Fat Cat Visits Rescue Rangers on the New Year's Day[43] by Ugryumiy
  • Gadget in the Garden[44] by Alex_fox
  • Foxglove[45] by Lisa

Best Colored Computerised Image: Girls' Party[46] by Agent Chip

Further nominees:

Best Collage: D.I. .E.[66] by Outdoorsman

Further nominees:

  • Cool Ranger[67] by DTZ
  • Chip and Shadow[68] by DTZ
  • Rangers and SWAT (colored)[69] by Rescue
  • High-octane Journal[70] by DTZ
  • Alignment[71] by Outdoorsman
  • Out of Scale[72] by Alter
  • The Key[73] by Lawahini
  • Postcard[74] by Lawahini
  • Crossover[75] by Outdoorsman

Best 3-D Piece: Rescue Rangers HQ 3D model[76] by Stich

Further nominees:

  • Screaming Eagle[77] by Junker
  • Gyrotank[78] by JJ_Revers

Best Comic

Best Comic: Twist of Fate[79] by Agent Chip

Best Fanfiction

Best Classic Fanfic: Things He Never Said by DTZ

Further nominees:

Best Fantastic Fanfic: Ginungagap by Draco

Further nominees:

Best Action-style Fanfic: Game Over by Medic

Further nominees:

Best Humorous Fanfic: Funny Delirium: The Best Of by Lawahini

Further nominees:

Best Romantic Fanfic: The Last Conversation by Valeriy 'Voron' Khaneev

Further nominees:

Best Translation

Best Translation of Fanfic: Morgan Kohl's Little Fangs translated by Outdoorsman

Further nominees:

Best Translation of Comic: MasterGodai's CDRR Comic translated by Outdoorsman & DTZ

Best Stuff

Best Stuff Made With One's Own Hands: Calendar-2011[80] by Agent Chip

Further nominees:

Best Audiovisual Work

Best Audiovisual Work: New Year Surprise[84] by Lazorewka Studio

Further nominees:

  • For Because We Are the Pilots[85] by Cray
  • Ready Steady Go[86] by Cray
  • Mehr[87] by Cray
  • Ich Tu Dir Weh[88] by Cray

Best Foreign Works

Best Foreign Artist: Rye

Further nominees:

Best Foreign Writer: Mr. Spumoni

Best Foreign Comic-maker: HawkeyeNFO

Best Picture by Foreign Artist: Happy New Year[89] by Rye

Further nominees:

Best Fanfic by Foreign Author: Northern Disclosure by Mr. Spumoni

The Best

Best Artist: Agent Chip

Further nominees:

  • Lord of Darkness
  • DTZ
  • Hamsy
  • Alex_fox
  • Сolonel Spigot
  • LynxGirl

Best Writer: Tie between DTZ and Pengwin

Further nominees:

Best 3-d maker: Stich

Further nominees:

  • JJ_Revers

Best Animator: Scorpion

Best Comic-maker: Agent Chip

Special Awards

The Rangerphile of the Year: Agent Chip (for animation and the Calendar)

Further nominees:

  • Stich (for creating the RR HQ 3-D model)
  • Montery Jack (for staying loyal to the forum despite numerous bans)
  • Cray (for honest work as a contest-maker)

The Special Award of Russian CDRR HQ Administration for Outstanding Service: Agent Chip (for titanic work as administrator and the host of artistic duels) and Yaro (for modernizing the technical aspects of forum, chat and HQ Wiki)

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