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Professor Norton Nimnul is one of the major villains the Rescue Rangers have to face and your typical mad scientist.

Canonical Information


Prof. Nimnul

Professor Nimnul is a rather small human. He's balding and sports big glasses and a mustache. He usually wears a lab coat but is also known to disguise himself if he needs to.


As every good mad scientist, he has a brilliant mind, but is egotistical and greedy. He loves to explain his schemes to an audience (imaginary or not). He's also easily angered.

Many of his inventions could probably be used for good, but Professor Nimnul feels uncomfortable when doing honest work. He just loves being a mad scientist too much.

He has got two main goals: To be respected as a mad scientist and to get lots and lots of riches.

While he always seemed to be a bit paranoid when rodents are around, in a later episode he finds out about the Rangers, confirming his fears that his plans are always foiled by a bunch of rodents (and a fly).

He is also terrified of bats.


Nimnul, being the scientist he is, uses various inventions to achieve his goals.

He's also got a nephew named Normie.


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Norton Nimnul bears a striking resemblance to Bruce Talkington, and the documentary Chip 'n Dale's Excellent Adventures reveals and proves that he was indeed modeled after the writer.