The Rod Squad

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Writing credits: D.B. Cooper

First released: 1998 (?)

Title reference: Play on The Mod Squad

Part of series: No

Length: 2,373 words

Rating: (needed)


Making excessive use of as many 70s clichés as possible, some of them even as often as possible or rather sensible, The Rod Squad tells a story of the Rescue Rangers in the 70s. Monterey Jack, the leader of the Rod Squad, interrupts Chip and Dale's HASSLIN' each other over Gadget (who happens to be Monty's daughter) as he has got a new job for his team. A serious threat against disco culture is said to come from the baseball scene, at least so said Charles O. Finley. So they take their Dune Buggy and boogie to the gritty inner city to meet Foxy Glove and find out what's going on, always accompanied by matching 70s music.

Important characters


The Rod Squad (Chip Beretta, wearing a tie so big it serves him as a surfboard and later a genuine polyester suit, Dale, sporting funky clothes and an oversized afro, Gadget, in bell-bottom coveralls and platform shoes, Monterey Jack, and Zipper)

Foxy Glove, wearing an even huger afro than Dale



Charles O. Finley

Sara Jane Moore and Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme are mentioned, as is Gerald Ford

Several famous musicians and bands from the 70s are mentioned

Several famous baseball players from the 70s are mentioned


Short appearance of Theodore Kojak


The Dune Buggy


Part of the overdone 70s parody is the language. The word "hassle", including "hasslin'", appears 20 times throughout the story, "ripoff" and the like 6 times, "right on" 6 times, too, and the "gritty inner city" is called that 9 times, just to name a few examples.

The character Foxy Glove is a more than obvious play on the whole blaxploitation genre and based on the actress Pam Grier, borrowing her character Foxy Brown's name.

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