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Writing credits: Mr. Spumoni

Written: October 15th, 2006 through February 14th, 2007

First released: The first Volume - Lords of Crafting was being released on the Acorn Cafe Storyboard between March 5th and April 16th 2007. The second Volume - Queens of Fanon was being released between June 4th and July 30th 2007. The third Volume - Councils of Moderation began on the 10th of September and was concluded on October 29th 2007.

Title reference: The title is a direct reference to The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien, of which the story is a parody.

Part of series: Even though this story is comprised of multiple volumes, the initial three volumes are considered a single stand-alone work.

Length: Divided into three volumes, seven chapters each plus one interlude chapter in the second volume, for a total of 22 chapters. The original story contains 103,298 words.

Rating: PG

The Rangerillion was written in an attempt to create and record the history of the Rescue Rangers series and fandom by creating a mythology. It is heavily inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's all-time classic The Silmarillion.


"The Rangerillion" tells of Walt of Clan Disney and his crafting of King Mickey. From this event flows down a linear history to the creation of Chip and Dale by The Nine, vassals of Walt.

After the death of Walt the Magic Kingdom is taken under the folds of the Useless Ones, figures who feed upon profit and care not for Craftings. With the coming of Ceo (assisted by King Mickey, his vassals, and Chip and Dale) the Useless Ones were for some time forced from the Magic Kingdom, and in the light of Ceo were the Disney Lands reborn.

Desiring to grow his influence, Ceo sought out great Crafters to bring forth new constructs. Most notable among these was Thaddeus of the Stones, who was to create a new Disney World. This turned out to be inhabited by and created for none other than the Rescue Rangers.

For an age the Rangers brought forth great tales and much happiness in the mortal world, but in time Ceo was brought under the influence of the resurgent Useless Ones. They sought more profit to feast upon and their greedy eyes fell on Canon, the World of the Rescue Rangers.

This attempt by the Useless Ones (also known as the Heartless) to take Canon was opposed by Thaddeus of the Stones and the Crafters who had worked under him in the creation of Canon. They were joined in their struggle by Nobody (King Mickey in disguise), who did his best during the Siege of Canon.

They failed.

Yet, as Canon fell, King Mickey was able to help the Rescue Rangers and those who inhabited their world flee to a new world, one in which they were held in high esteem. This proved to be Fanon, the Land of the Rangerphiles.

Yet they were not alone. With them came a cloudy form, one that was awakened by loss and pain. This would prove to be Angst the Melancholy, a Spirit of Crafting. Unleashed from the Will of Walt he would plague this new land and try to capture it for his own.

Yet in this new land of Fanon would the Rangerphiles find great power, and from their own midst would rise Great Founders, Founders and Learned Elders and others who would shape the course of the people, fight to preserve their world, and Craft works that would astound for three ages and perhaps more…

Important Characters

As with The Silmarillion the complete listing of all characters, due to the sheer scope of the work, is a near impossibility.

Canonical (CDRR)

The Rescue Rangers

Feline the Gluttonous

Nimnul the Small

He Who Sparks

Tammy The Squirrelmaiden

Chirp Sing

Multiple other characters from the series.

Canonical (Disney)

King Mickey

The Duck

The Man-Dog

Historical Figures

Lord Walt of Clan Disney

Roy the Younger of Clan Disney

Staff Members

Thaddeus of the Stones

Tress, The Great Wind

Ceo, Master of Eisnergard


Wahl-Eye, The Great Wind


David the Walker

Lord Jeffery of Pierce

Lord Paltiel of the Golden Stein

Madame de Courtnier

Michael of Demcio

Lord Matthew of Plotecher

Lady Natasha, Keeper of Kashefipour

Lady Juliet of Bihn

The Man-Child who Endures

Jaleel the Just


The Lords of Programming

The Fellowship of the Stones

Lord Angst

The Insane Avatar

Minions of Angst

Widget the White



“The Rangerillion” advances several concepts that are at once unique to the story and yet fit into the larger ideas and culture of the Rescue Rangers fan community. While some were created specifically for the story, others were ideas that have long existed in the fandom. Some of these concepts include:

Ages of the Rangerdom

Great Founders


Learned Elders

Crafting and Crafters




  • During the release of “The Rangerillion” Mr. Spumoni asked for individuals in the community to point out spelling and grammar errors. The end result of this effort by multiple Rangerphiles was a “Final Edit” compiled by Sinclair.
  • In a bow to history “The Rangerillion” was released on March 5 2007, the 18th anniversary of the first airing of the TV series.
  • Although not a true crossover, the story contains multiple references to the “Kingdom Hearts” series of video games and multiple Disney properties, especially other Disney Afternoon shows like “TaleSpin” and “Darkwing Duck”.
  • Dr. Indy proclaimed October 29, 2007 “Rangerillion Day” at The Acorn Café in honor of the work. In doing so he stated that: "It is henceforth a day to remember our great history and to appreciate what we were and what we have become."
  • The Rangerillion had such an impact on the fandom that Rangerphiles who have read it occasionally fall into its typical Tolkienesque language, sometimes for no apparent reason. Also, when Elders, Learned Elders, or Founders return to the Acorn Cafe, and even having been there for a while, they are often addressed to by their Rangerillion names.


2007 Golden Acorn Awards: Best Characterization of the Rangers; Best Original Villain for Lord Angst; Best Narrative Description (entire story); Best Drama; Best Action-Adventure; Best Story

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