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"Severe Weather" Eddie, or Eddie, is the Cafe's self-appointed resident meteorologist and severe weather nut (case.) He joined on June 26, 2006, but was unable to post until about a week later. Eddie is a full-time meteorology student attending school in New Hampshire, though he lives in Virginia. At college, he works as a Community Advisor (CA, or RA as some schools call it.) When not at college, Eddie can be found working at Lowe's Home Improvement Center. He is PhantomKitty's brother.

Eddie also has a self-insertion character for the numerous round robins that take place at the Cafe.

Eddie was the subject of a song parody called The Ballad of Eddie Dixon written by RangerReady23. It was a parody of The Ballad of Davy Crockett.

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Fan Fiction

Song Parodies

I Love This Cafe

Parody of: Toby Keith's "I Love This Bar"

'First released: July 21, 2006

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Fan Artwork

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Eddie has produced a few pieces of Rangery artwork since joining. All can be found on the RRDatabase. [1] In addition, he drew comics for two of the awards for the 2006 Golden Acorn Awards and three for the 2007 Golden Acorn Awards. He is currently working on pictures for Owlor's New and Improved Acorn Cafe Group Portrait.

3D Animations and Artwork

Eddie is also a 3D computer animator and modeler, and has produced a few pieces specifically for the Cafe. He created the background picture for Owlor's New and Improved Cafe Group Portrait, and he did a render of a Spambot for the "Spambot Welcome Thread." Additionally, following the Tamira and UrthQuake's Excellent Adventure thread, Eddie created a brief animation featuring a space battle from that round robin. He is currently working on an animation of the Cafe Starfleet taking on an armada of spambots, since the Cafe has had problems with them.


2006 Golden Acorn Awards: