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Author: Michael Demcio

Written: For two years until December 6, 1995

First released: Part I was released by Michael A. Crawley on the Usenet in the newsgroup alt.fan.disney.afternoon on April 17, 1996; the exact release date of the story in Where the Fun Begins and on the DAFT mailing list is unknown as of now.

Title reference: The title references to recurring elements of the story such as Ivana M. Killjoy's rhyming hints.

Continuity: This story can stand alone, although Demcio later penned a lesser-known sequel, Soul Searching.

Length: 158,492 words (the whole work), divided into nine parts

Rating: PG (raise that in case it's too graphic)

Rhyme and Reason is one of the very first CDRR fan fiction stories ever; in fact, only David Walker's episode script Miami Munks was written earlier, but it was never intended to be fan fiction, just redeclared. This makes Rhyme and Reason the first CDRR fanfic that was intended to be one, the first in prose form, and the first novel-length one. Furthermore, for the first time, the story goes beyond what is shown in the TV show, and it is also the first time that real character development is shown in a CDRR adventure.

Its sheer size made Rhyme and Reason the longest CDRR fanfic by far for many years.


On his birthday, Chip gets frustrated about never having the chance to deal with cases as big as those of his role model, Sureluck Jones. He wishes for a really big and tough case—and his wish is granted in a way he would never have expected it. A mysterious villain named Ivana M. Killjoy kidnaps the other Rescue Rangers, torments them, using her vast knowledge about every single Ranger, and gives Chip rhyming hints to retrieve them. He is given time until sunset after which Ivana threatens to kill his friends.

Important Characters


The Rescue Rangers

Plato (mentioned)






Ivana M. Killjoy


The S.A.M.A.R.I.T.A.N.S.


The hometown of the Rangers in this story is San Francisco.


Plato Awards: Best Original Villain (for Ivana M. Killjoy), Best Characterization, Best Drama, Best Story

2002 Golden Acorn Awards: Best All-Time Fanfic

2004 Golden Acorn Awards: Best All-Time Fanfic (tie with fish's Of Mice and Mayhem)

2005 Golden Acorn Awards: Best All-Time Fanfic (tie with fish's Of Mice and Mayhem)

2006 Golden Acorn Awards: Best All-Time Fanfic (tie with fish's Of Mice and Mayhem)

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