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Alternating between friend and foe to the Rescue Rangers, the Pi-Rats appeared in two episodes: Piratsy Under the Seas and Chipwrecked Shipmunks. At the end of both episodes, the Rescue Rangers and Pi-Rats have parted on good terms.

Crew Members

Long Lost LaFitte

Impersonated once by Monty (in Piratsy Under the Seas), Long Lost LaFitte has never actually been seen. The one-legged captain of the Pi-Rats disappeared for reasons unknown, leaving his crew on their sunken ship to await his return. This apparently occurred 200 years before the Rescue Rangers first encountered the Pi-Rats.

Jolly Roger

The first mate of the Pi-Rat crew, Jolly Roger is a typical "kind-hearted" pirate: Ruthless towards his enemies, warm and jovial towards his friends. The Rescue Rangers have been on both his good and bad side. More than once in each episode, in fact.


The second mate of the Pi-Rat crew.

Young Ned

Long Lost LaFitte's cabin boy. In a strong contrast to his name, he is physically the oldest Pi-Rat by far. Young Ned is said to be the only one who can identify LaFitte.


Stormy gets his name from a curious property of his moustache. Just as Monty's tail reacts to an approaching cold front, Stormy's moustache can detect imminent strong winds/storms.